Top 5 Reasons Why Your Cat Licks You

Are you sometimes shocked by your kitten’s sudden affection? Does she approach you and lick your toes when you’re sitting on the couch? Or does she kiss you gently in the morning while you’re still asleep?

The sandpaper feel of the cat’s tongue is therefore very unique. They have rough taste buds on the tongue to better eat meat.

But the real question is, why is your cat licking you?
1 – The cat cleans you
Sometimes cats help to groom themselves. Another cat can reach other places that the cat cannot reach alone. Cats lick their heads and inside their ears. So sometimes when your furbaby licks you, it just helps you stay clean.

2 – You have the taste of food or something else tasty
You may feel the food or something else that could be tasty. So maybe she just wants to taste it. Especially if you have the taste of meat or some other food that your cat likes. It may only be the salty taste of your skin. So maybe your cat just appreciates your taste.

3 – They want to show you affection
Cats are affectionate towards each other through grooming. So if your cat grooms you (licks you). Your furbaby is part of the family, so he shows you affection, just like his mom did when he was a kitten!
4 – They mark you as part of their territory
Most animals have some way of marking their territory. Thus, cats that lick you or rub their heads against you are part of the marking of your territory. If other animals seem not to want to approach, it may be because they smell your cat’s pheromones.

5 – They are anxious
Sometimes, when our furry babies are anxious, they lick and lick others around them. They do it to calm down if they are stressed for some reason. If your cats’ anxious licking seems excessive, it may be helpful to talk to your veterinarian.