Small cats diseases and methods of treatment

It was mentioned on the subject of small cat diseases and methods of treatment that cats are animals that most children love, because they are pets that do not harm children, but this happens when their owners care about them, and there are other cats that cause diseases, so cats need care and attention, until they become Always beautiful, through this article we will present small cat diseases and methods of treatment.

Small cat diseases and methods of treatment: – Cats are among the kindest animals that children want to play with, because they are similar to small brides, and cats can be raised at home and children and adults have a great relationship with them as if they are a member of the family, so caring for cats and taking care of them is one of the most important things that must be It is human to do it, because this prevents cats from contracting diseases or transmitting them between people, and there are also solutions to small cats’ diseases and methods of treatment.

Feline skin diseases:

  • Many cats suffer from many diseases, there are people who raise cats and notice that the cat he raises suffers from scratches, or that she licks the skin around her head, or there are swells in her body, or that her hair is falling out, or there are infections in her skin, All of this is due to the presence of cat skin diseases, bacteria, and feline skin diseases, which are among the diseases of small cats and methods of treatment.
    Pimples in cats:
    Pills are found in cats in the areas of the neck and chin, and they are like small bumps, and this happens to them as a result of having eaten unsuitable food for them, or they feel tired and tired, and the treatment of pills is the use of shampoos that cleanse the cat’s skin from pimples and cat skin diseases.

Bacterial skin infection: bacterial skin infection in cats comes through injuries that occur to cats, and these bacteria cause skin inflammation with redness of the skin, and this leads to cat hair loss, and when this infection reaches the digestive system, it causes complications, to treat this infection is to go to the doctor Veterinarian because it needs antibiotics because feline skin diseases must be taken care of.

Famous feline dermatological diseases:

  • Yeast infection disease: This disease is a female disease and it is one of the most common skin problems that affects cats, and yeast infection is a type of fungus that occurs around the ear, and this disease causes redness of the skin with a yellowish liquid inside the ear. It also leads to irritation of the skin of cats and a lot of itching in it, and also scratching, which leads to the presence of cat ulcers, and the treatment of yeast infection is a fungicide drug or shampoo to eliminate skin infections.

Pigmented trichomoniasis: This is a fungal infection that causes many injuries to the skin of the cat, and pigmented trichomoniasis usually comes to male cats who participate continuously in fights with cats. Pigmented trichomoniasis is spread through cracks in the skin. This is a rare disease that affects male cats, and treatment is one of the difficult types of treatment. Therefore, cats must be preserved, and its treatment is that potassium iodide is used through the mouth.

Fleas: This disease is one of the most common diseases among cats, and fleas are small black kernels found in the cat’s fur, and fleas lead to a bacterial infection in the cat’s skin due to scratching and scratching, and it also spreads in cats due to lack of cleanliness. Therefore, care must be taken to clean cats and take care of them on an ongoing basis, and the treatment of this case is an antidote taken through the mouth of cats. This is a step from small cat diseases and methods of treatment.

Psychological stone: Psychological stone is a disorder in cats, and this occurs through cats licking the inner side of the thighs and also the abdomen, and this causes irritation to the skin of cats and inflammation of the skin of cats, and also causes the presence of fungi in the skin, which causes disturbance in their psychological state, and treatment is Medicine for the balance of cats, and this is one of the diseases of small cats and methods of treatment.

Ringworm in cats: Ringworm in cats is one of the most common diseases among cats, and this disease causes spots on the skin of cats that cause their hair to fall out. This fungal infection appears around the extremities and causes skin scratches, and the treatment is anti-fungal shampoos, and this is through small cat diseases and methods of treatment.