How to Train a Dog to Fetch a Ball?

Most dogs like to play ball to the prisoner because it adds fun to their playing time. Some dogs understand this game naturally, while others need more training, especially for the recovery part. It is recommended to use a ball for this training as it is easier to grasp than other objects. Keep reading to learn how to teach a dog how to bring back a ball.

The very first thing you need for this workout is a ball. Preventive Vet explains that you need to consider several factors (age, size and ability of your dog) to make the right choice. Your dog must be able to grasp the chosen ball with his teeth. The following training can help your dog bring back a ball.

Teach (or use) the “sit” order.

This is the first step in the training, during which you have your canine friend sit on the floor. You can use the “Sit” order for this purpose if your puppy knows him well. You can also use a hand sign if your pet understands it. It is necessary to have your puppy sit calmly as you want to prevent him from jumping to catch the ball until you launch the ball.

Familiarise your dog with the ball

Always choose your favorite ball to teach your dog how to play ball. This will reduce your effort because the canid will automatically pick it up. If your dog doesn’t have a favorite ball, you’ll need to familiarize him with a ball. Here’s how to do it.

-Place the ball near you (often on the ground).
-Wait for your dog to approach the ball.
Give him a treat when he approaches the ball.
Give him more treats when he touches the ball (for showing interest).
-Repeat the process until your dog is fully familiar with the ball.

Move the fetch ball around your dog

During this stage, simply move the ball here and there so your dog doesn’t lose sight of it.

-At first, don’t drop the ball very far, as it might disinterest your dog.
-Instead, keep the ball in your hands and use different arm positions to avoid the puppy.
-You should also encourage your puppy to touch the ball by giving him a treat every time he comes into contact with the ball.
-Repeat the process so that your dog can master the art of chasing the fetch ball.

Insist that your dog catches the ball

Once your dog is ready to chase the ball, it’s time to teach him how to catch it. This step requires a little patience on the part of the owner, as your canine companion may take some time to learn this trait.

-Place the ball on the ground, almost the length of your arm.
If your dog chases the ball and touches it with his nose and mouth, give him a treat.
-Keep rewarding your dog every time he approaches the ball and tries to catch it.
When he manages to catch him with his mouth, congratulate him and give him a treat.

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