5 Ways to Properly Deal With an Aggressive Cat

Is your cat extremely aggressive? Do your cats grab your toes or scratch your feet when you tell them not to? Do they normally act one second, then whistle and scratch your guests or even you the next?

Some cats are over-stimulated and have a lot of energy in reserve, but there is no proper way to get rid of them. Reasons vary from boredom to feeling insecure, or some wild cats may get too close to your garden.

Whatever the cause, the following five tactics can help you restore peace between you and your cat:

  1. Time to play

Does your cat have enough time to play with you? If not, it can accumulate a lot of energy that will be released in one way or another. And often, it causes aggression, for example by attacking or attacking other animals, or by whistling and scratching. This can even make them meddle in the middle of the night.

Cats do this because they don’t know how to get rid of this excess energy effectively. You have to help them find a better way.

There are many ways to play with your cat. You can buy a cat fishing rod with a mouse or a feather at the end, or maybe a nice little ball or other fun toys to get your pet in. Cats love laser pointers that make the red dot dance on the floor, but be careful not to make it shine in their eyes.

Whatever toy you get, pretend it’s a prey and make it “hide” from your cat and “run away.” They will then think it is a hunt.

You have to play the game with your cat every day so that he can get rid of his excess energy and stay calmer. In addition, playing with your cat helps you develop a bond of love between the two of you.

  1. Noise “FFFF

Cats talk to us by moving, looking us in the eye, hitting us with their heads and emitting funny little whistling or meowing. If you try to talk to them, they understand faster when they make their own. And if you start from a kitten, they understand this communication much faster.

If you make a long series of “fffff” sounds, you feel like you’re whistling at them. This can quickly tell the cat that you don’t want him to do what he’s doing. Make this sound quickly and immediately when you see it doing something wrong. This way, the cat will know that this applies at that particular moment and he won’t wonder why you whistle at him.

It works by repeating things and chasing them. If you make this noise, then you feel bad and gently caress the cat, he will not understand and will be confused. So if you have to do it, you should also avoid being nice to him for the next few minutes.

  1. Herbal products or plugins can calm cats

Countless cat specialists recommend using herbal products and plugins to calm cats. These articles spread a scent that helps cats stay calm and some of them contain pheromones that mimic your cat’s natural ones and help it calm down.

Place these items where the cat has the most problems. For example, if they make their own in the living room, plug in one. The smell will send your cat a signal that everything is fine.

  1. Distract wild or stray cats

Cats sometimes become nervous and act aggressively if there are other cats in the vicinity. Cats can smell even if it is outside the house and this makes them think that their house is under attack. How would you feel if you knew that a stranger was walking around your yard or trying to see inside your home? It is likely that you would worry and that you would also be aggressive!

For the well-being of your cat, you must make stray or wild cats go. For example, you can activate motion sprinklers. The jet of water does not hurt them, but it makes them leave. You can also go out into the yard and whistle to make them run away yourself with a vaporizer.

1.The cat climbing poles

Finally, a large climbing pole is a fantastic method for cats to feel in control of the situation if they become too aggressive.

Sometimes this aggression is due to cats feeling helpless or exposed. They may be frightened by other animals or even by some people in your home, such as small children.

As cat trees are high, they tend to feel safer. In addition, it gives them an excellent view of what is going on in the room. When they climb or descend, it also allows them to get rid of excess energy. Cat climbing poles can also help a shy cat be less frightened and encourage them to stay in the room if you have friends visiting.

Several factors can cause a cat to be aggressive. Remember, just because the cat is behaving badly doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, this usually means that the cat is stressed or has an excess of energy.

Take your cat to the vet if you are concerned that he is sick. Once the vet has rid her of her health problems, try one of the above solutions to help your cat become more sociable and friendly. Good luck!