10 Breeds That Are Great with Young Children

It can be difficult to find the perfect dog for your family. Especially if you have or plan to have children during the dog’s lifetime. It is known that not all dogs like children, and this is one of the main reasons why dogs end up in shelters. Although all dogs are individuals, there are a few breeds that are more likely to get along well with children, and here they are (in no particular order).

N 1 – Golden Retriever

The Golden is an obvious choice for a family dog if you are not bothered by the canine confetti it will leave all over your home. They are nice and don’t seem to care about the kids who cling to them. However, for very small children, they can drop them by accident because of their size and exuberant manners.

2 – Standard Poodle

Widely used for therapy work, the standard poodle has a good temperament and loves children. A chaplain at Oregon Episcopal School used to bring his standard poodle, Bruce, to school every day, where the children literally climbed on him. He wouldn’t let himself be taken apart.

3 – The Labrador Retriever

Like the golden, the labrador is considered “the perfect family dog”. You just have to pay attention to its tail, which can hurt when it is at full speed. Otherwise, it is an excellent companion for children, always ready to play or serve as a pillow.

N 4 – Carlin

If you’re looking for a small dog, the tenacious pug is a good choice. It is a joyful and carefree breed that generally enjoys interacting with everyone, including children.

N 5 – Mini Schnauzer

Smart breed, the mini schnauzer is faithful to his family as long as he is raised with her. If you already have children, a mini schnauzer puppy will become an excellent friend to them.

6 – Newfoundland

Breed of keepers, it is not surprising that the “Newfie” is good with children. In fact, Nana, in Peter Pan, is a Landseer/Newfoundland (not a St. Bernard) and was inspired by J.M. Barrie’s own dog.

N 7 – Beagle

If you are not afraid of training difficulties, the beagle is ideal for children. Neither too small nor too big, it is the ideal size for young children and has the energy to follow them. Don’t forget that they follow their noses and that a fenced area is essential.

N 8 – Colley

If Lassie isn’t enough to convince you that collie is good with young children, just go to a meeting of a local group of therapy dogs – you’ll see at least a handful of collies because of their sweet character and affinity with people. Another advantage is that they have a smooth coat if you are not a grooming enthusiast.

9 – Pit Bull

Despite the bad press, this breed is actually known by those who own it as an excellent family dog. Pete, the famous dog of the Little Towns, was a pit bull. Like all large dogs, there is a risk that children will get knocked down, and its cheerful tail may have its own mind.

N 10 – Boston Terrier

Another small dog, the Boston is an American who loves life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness in the form of attention and treats! It needs an average amount of exercise and minimal grooming, making it a good choice for a busy household.

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